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Before pursuing further, you may want to consider what scuba diving and travelling extensively did to my relationships and decide for yourself…. Yes, scuba divers love sharks and marvel at things that most people would find ugly. Yes, scuba divers are the one you should never let away from water too long. These posts are more or less the story of my life. Push too hard, too long, in only one direction, and the lack of another will prevent you to go any further.

During my 2 years in Scotland, I dedicated a lot of my time to take my blog off the ground. Then I came to a point when I needed a new spark to reach the next level. Thanks to the wise advice from a friend in Edinburgh, I realised no extra time or money would ever do that. Without a doubt, being a traveller makes it harder. Like if settling was the only path. After many relationships mistakes and failures, trying to fit in what society expects you to do, I realised my path was actually to do what I love the most in life and that, eventually, I will meet the right buddy on my journey.

I would be a perfect husband for you! I looked at him, puzzled for 2 seconds, and immediately replied: Lurking a life of underwater adventures all over the world?

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Nothing put a bigger smile on my face than meeting with my favourite marine species underwater. Whatever your passion is, you can always be the bore of someone else. In the past, I pledge guilty for maybe having been a travel bore. Fair enough, not everyone wants to hear all the details of your adventures all over the world. But when you live so many exciting experiences you want to share them with as many people as possible so they might have the chance to do it too!

Having a travel blog solved most of this need to share my adventures for whoever really cared about them. Can I speak about other subjects than scuba diving? I love art, cinema, cuisine, learning languages… even maybe too many things, but at least I never lack topics of conversation. I waited for a day when the opportunity to buy the perfect wet wide angle lens for my camera arrived in my mailbox for the exact same price than the fancy fridge. Guess what I did?

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Life is a matter of priority and especially time and money wise. So, to live my dreams, I made choices.

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Seriously, would you say that to a guy? On one side I want to laugh out loud and on another side, I want to shout. So what, I should be in the need and waiting for someone to do things for me? Travelling solo for scuba diving took me out of my comfort zone and taught me how much I could count on myself.

Discover & Book The Best Scuba Diving Destinations In Asia

Here, my travel blogging activities might be the main reason why my agenda is now booked until May. As a matter of fact, I used to be a bit more spontaneous with my trips, but I would travel only once per year.

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  4. My scuba diving trip crave was too strong. Year after year, I found out that with always a bit more organisation and a few tricks, I could travel every month and even now almost twice a month. I guess anyway it always depends on your mood and circumstances. But am I a careless risk taker? Being a scuba diver taught everything but being an inconsiderate fool. MV Pindito Liveaboard Review.

    Julien, the divezone creator just got back from Raja Ampat and returns with a complete review. Discover this fascinating scuba diving destination featuring an outstanding biodiversity full of life underwater. Read the complete review! Raja Ampat Diving Review. Here you can find the most popular reviews.

    Phuket Scuba Diving Sites - Aussie Divers Phuket

    If you know a diving destination really well, you can write a review about it. If you would like to share an experience or your knowledge, you can also write an article on the scuba diving blog. Good chance of spotting Manta Rays and Whale Sharks! Thailand is renowned for its beautiful beaches and amazing dive sites. The country offers some of the best diving in the world with the famous Similan Islands and many other amazing spots like Koh Phi Phi and Ko Lanta islands in the Andaman sea.

    Diving in Indonesia will suit every diver's hopes and desires. In a land of opportunity, dive spots range from those suited to beginner divers wishing to learn in perfect easy conditions to unexplored dive sites with fierce currents for those more experienced divers looking for a challenge.

    Excellent Diving and liveaboard destination. Amazing spot for Big fishes, Sharks, superb coral and underwater photography.

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    7. Most popular place in the World to learn scuba diving in Cairns. One of the best dive sites in the World with the Yongala Wreck! Great Barrier Reef Diving Review.

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      Diving in Komodo is all about action! It is BIG fishes land! With wonderful coral, it is just incredible diving all year round. Komodo Island Diving Review. Some of the best dive sites in the World… Have you dived all of them?

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