Business trips are usually more fun than business and your husband will enjoy having the time off to enjoy being with you and seeing the business and yourselves grow outside of your local area. People are constantly asking me questions since Adam came home. We flirt more, we communicate so much more, we have more meaningful family time, he connects WAY more with our kids than he ever had time for when he worked out of the home.

He has the energy to cook the most amazing meals yes, he is the better cook!

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We are stronger parents. We are a stronger couple. We are a stronger family. And, we are more in love than ever before. Divergent Date Night Party! Who else is a HUGE fan? The Divergent book series has hit the nation as one of the most popular book series ever! The recent movies have brought even more popularity and true fans! That's what I thought! Spice things up in the bedroom with our Sexy Tic-Tac-Toe!

I remember playing tic-tac-toe for hours as a kid. I play it with my kids now.

It's so simple and yet so fun! We've turned this childhood pastime into a sexy bedroom game for two! Each square has an action on it. Once you pick your spot, both of you have to complete the action before moving on to the next turn. Get three in a row and you win!

I've found, when you're an adult the game often ends in a draw.

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No worries - getting there is half the fun! Play again and again until someone wins! The winner gets to pick a sexy action card! Play it all over again as long as you want! This is a game you'll want to keep around for a rematch! It's so fun and easy to put together. The only prep you'll need is your favorite treat. One of the sexy action cards leads to some taste testing. Take it a step further with some of our favorite intimate products, just for a bit of sexy fun - like this edible body paint , Loversopoly , or rose petals.

Adding a little spice to your bedroom just got EASY! What are you waiting for?! Looking for more fun ways to spice up the bedroom?

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We've got you covered! Leave Date Night to Chance! What to do for date night? With the Date Night Dice - you can leave your date night activity to chance! Just roll the die and see which exciting date night idea you and your spouse will try tonight! Say goodbye to the indecisive and time-wasting moments of "What to do for date night?

Here Is How It Works: Start by downloading our date night ideas game grid. This chart has 30 different date night ideas that come straight from our site. I made sure to choose date nights that don't require much planning so that you can choose your date and get straight to it! Even though this date night is all about chances - you can definitely have an input. And to make it even more personal - add your own date night ideas to the final column! Now, roll the dice!

Then - do that date night with your spouse! No more debating - just do it! So if you happened to roll two 2's - you and your spouse are going to enjoy an evening at home with the lights off for our Power Outage Date Night. OR if you were to roll a red 4 and a blue 5 - you will be enjoying a night in the bedroom checking off your Steamy Bedroom Bucket List! You can't go wrong with any of these date nights!

It just doesn't get any easier! And the best part? You can do this again and again! Tuck everything away into a box like this , or even this and then it is ready to go!

Just The Two Of Us – The Dating Divas

Date Night Dice Printables. And if you and your spouse want to have a little more say in the perfect date night for you - try our Date Night Ideas Flow Chart! This fun chart allows you to answer a series of questions to determine the perfect date night for you! Who's a better BFF than your spouse?! You laugh together, share everything, and are fiercely loyal to each other-- all the qualities of a true best friend. We've planned a whole date night around connecting to your best bud!

Just The Two Of Us – The Dating Divas

These adorable Best Friends printables come from the wonderful Leslie! Her cute designs totally took me back to the days of writing notes, sleepovers, and playing M. You can see more of her darling design work at Nina Bean Designs. And you can't forget treats!

Look through the ideas with your spouse and circle your favorites. We left a few spots for you to add your own brilliant ideas too! Best friends can talk for hours about anything and everything! Remember these little things?! Inside you'll find questions to spark discussions about funny stories, silly secrets and your friendship with your spouse.

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  8. Another fun way to connect with your spouse is passing notes back and forth. It could be fun to set a timer during your date maybe during dinner or dessert and only communicate through notes for that time! Use our printable notes , or good old fashioned notebook paper. Want to get creative with your folding? If you choose to take photo booth pictures as one of your activities, we have some adorable props in our Photobooth Fun post.

    Perfect activities for you and your BFF! Playing and connecting together during date night will strengthen your friendship AND your marriage relationship!

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