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Nothing personal, this rule is simply meant to keep our black girls safe and comfortable.

Of course you are still welcome to contribute meaningful content and participate in the discussions, but if you only came here to hit on black girls, this is not the community for you. Any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this subreddit may be directed to the moderator. First time with a black girl - one white guys perspective self.

I am both white and a male. Anything I say is subject to have subtle racism in it without my understanding or intent. I implore you to call me out on it, so to avoid future mishaps. This is a response to an article that was posted about sexual experience with a white guy for a black woman. I just wanted to provide a narrative from the other way around. I wish I could say it started last summer but I really have to take you back to the first time I laid eyes on Brandy. I was only about 10 or 11 and I recall her being my first crush.

For whatever reason, I remember being so confused by that statement because I thought she was beautiful. I loved the braids, the soft checks, her slightly smaller, slanted eyes and especially her slightly throaty voice that transformed into such power when singing. I was enthralled as a kid, as enthralled as a kid growing up in rural, conservative super-white south Michigan could be.

Fast-forward to a few years ago and the tastes inevitably shifted to the whiter side of things because of where I was and who I was. I went out with salt of the earth type of women. Usually bordering on the hippy type, the more natural the girl, the better.

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The idea of her being white, as opposed to another color, never occurred to me at all. But the fishbowl I was in was about to become a lot bigger. When I first moved to Orlando, Florida in the dead of summer, I was discouraged. The first job I got was working at the unemployment call center for the state of Florida and it opened my eyes in more ways than one. I was the minority amongst some Latino and mostly black females for the first time ever and I really came to enjoy it.

But one girl in particular, Kyra, caught my eye and I would later find out she had a crush of me. We were in the same training class and I was attracted to her positivity and her smile. Eventually, we started texting and that lead up to a first date that went rather well. What are your experiences?

Welcome to Reddit,

Is this a fetish? We exchanged some ideas of whiteness and blackness but once we got that out of the way, things were going okay. We embraced it as best we could, made each other smile and got a little closer. After around the third date, it was on. Some of it was her age but some of it was the passion that we wanted to evoke from each other. I was pretty nervous, as the stereotypes of white guys packages being smaller flashed before my eyes.

She had also commented on the color, not as a turn off, just something she had never seen before. I must say, the way the light hits dark skin is something that is beyond words for me. She said that she was very hard to get to orgasm, that of the few she had been with, really only one who led her there. During the first night alone, I made her body tremble with 3 very intense orgasms.

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As the nights went on, she began to not return calls or text. So, eventually, she just faded away. That was about 4 months ago. The only women of color I see are many, many years my elder and are in the hallways on their way to report of housekeeping shifts, or in the cafeteria. They usually sit together, speaking creole, some pawta and smiling politely at me as I eat alone. I miss that office everyday. The colorful women, conversations and beauty I was surrounded are gone. I know it was one experience but it really opened my eyes.

Me frequenting this subreddit is the direct result of the demise of that relationship. I was hoping this wouldn't be icky I always wince when people come in here and talk about black girls like they're an exotic mysterious race. Feels like an episode of national geographic. I always wince when people come in here and talks about black girls like they're an exotic mysterious race.

Well, the post that inspired this was 'icky' so, I guess I apologize if it impeded on your sensibilities. But the title was first time with a black girl so, there was at least an implication of sex. I hope that the mods don't pull this. It gave me a small bit of hope that there are nice guys out there.

I thought they might, I really tried to be as specific and non-objectifing as possible. Just wanted to share my experience. My first time with my girlfriend was the night before her birthday, I drove out to LA to see her for the occasion. Anyways up until she met me, she had never had an orgasm, 1 time while on the phone with me a few weeks before I went to see her, and than 7 the night of her birthday. Take notes on xhamster, i was no longer down for a exclusive: Dating, barack obama dated a couple. Watch black woman for the same time, interracial dating site with this suuuuuuper cute black girlfriend and for the girls in dating.

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    Top 5 Tips for Dating a Black Woman for the First Time- Guest Post - Bougie Black Blogger

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    Yeah i kissed a white guys will never do not like most of a black women. Dating, in general, can be very confusing, especially for the rookies, but it can bewilder even the most experienced daters. This is truly important! Black women love dating white men, and the last thing they would want is to date a white guy who acts like a black man. That is just unbecoming, so forget about it if you want to have a positive result. An open mind and honest communication are crucial. Black women are strong, independent, and they have zero tolerance for whiners. These beautiful women are extremely passionate and emotional.