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Whether it be movies or films, the one thing they all have in common is sexy, blood lust immortal beings. Can you name all of the vampires that have been in movies or television series? Elijah Mikaelson is an original vampire along with his four brothers and one sister. This character was first introduced on the show Vampire Diaries as a ruthless original whom everyone feared — that is unlike Klaus came into the picture.

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When The Originals came out, Elijah was featured as well. Carlisle Cullen is the adoptive father of the Cullen family, being that he was the first one to turn those in his family. Edward was the first followed by his wife, Esme. Laurent is from the Twilight series and was a vampire for over three hundred years. He was first introduced on the film as an antagonist for he, James and Victoria were killing innocent humans.

In the second film, he was killed when he tried to mercy murder Bella. Simon Lewis was a mundane who got his first taste of the supernatural world through his best friend, Clary. Unfortunately, Simon was sucked into the vampire world after a run in with Camille and was eventually turned. Raphael, the leader of the vampire group in New York helped him with his transition. Stefan Salvatore is one of the main characters of the show Vampire Diaries.

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He and his brother Damon are century-old vampires who were turned by their former lover, Katherine. Rosalie Hale is one of the children of the Cullen clan. Although she walks through life with confidence, she looks at her vampire life as a curse and not a blessing, which is why she has such a hard time with Bella wanting to be a vampire. David is the son of Thomas who was in charge of one of the last remaining covens after the purge. He first meets Selene after investigating a supposed Lycan attack.

She surprisingly trusts him, and after they save her daughter he brings both of them to his coven for protection.

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No longer interested in hiding like his father, he joins with Selene and the two become an inseparable pair. Jessica Hamby was a vampire on the show True Blood. Before she became a vampire she lived a very sheltered life and she never disobeyed her parents.

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The one night she decided to rebel against her parents was the night she got turned. Her surprising talent is her ability to glamour humans — which is a talent that not many vampires possess. Caroline Forbes was an overbearing prude before she was turned into a vampire. She likes herself better as a vampire, which she has admitted a few times.

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She feels stronger, powerful and more likable than when she was a human. Bella Swan was a human for most of the Twilight series, despite being active in the vampire world of Forks. Rose-Maria was a vampire responsible for turning Katherine Pierce into a vampire, and causing her and her best friend Trevor to be on the run for a century to come. She tried to trade Elena for her freedom, knowing the original family was after another doppelganger. She ends up be-friending Damon, and ends up dying from a werewolf bite. Edward Cullen is a century-old vampire who was turned by Carlisle because he was dying.

He, much like Rosalie is afraid that being a vampire has cursed his soul forever, which is why he is so against turning Bella into one, regardless of how much she wants it. He tries his best to keep his vampire urges under control, knowing that it might put his one true love in danger if he loses control. Stan Baker played a minor role on True Blood as a three-hundred-year-old vampire. Rebekah Mikaelson is the only female vampire of the original family.

She is portrayed as a crazy vampire who is over emotional, and always lets her brother walk all over her. She craves a normal human life, which is why she enrolls into the high school in Mystic Falls. Alice Cullen is one of the adoptive children in the Cullen clan.

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She has a very bubbly personality, and is usually there to help with Jasper deal with the presence of human blood. Alice, like many of the vampires in the Twilight series has a special gift where she can see glimpses of the future. Generally dark, sweeping clothing with almost a medieval appeal meets Goth fashion approval. Doc Martin boots, black nail polish, ripped fishnet stockings, heavy black eyeliner and shiny black hair are also appropriate. A big part of vampirism is achievement of pleasure through pain.

Piercings allow your vampire date to experience ecstasy through the pain of being pierced in numerous areas of the body. If you consider a new piercing for yourself start slow and be deliberate about which area of your body you pierce. In line with fable Dracula, modern-day vampires avoid the sun as much as possible.

Slather up with SPF 50 when you go outside during the day and consider carrying a black-fringed parasol with you for extra protection. The upside to ditching your summer tan is that being pale reduces your risk of skin cancer.

Get used to seeing your date drink blood. A huge part of the vampire culture is actually drinking blood. While most likely neither safe or sanitary, if your date wants to drink your blood: Numerous deadly diseases, like HIV and Hepatitis B can be transmitted through cutting yourself and then allowing another person to drink your blood and vice versa. Excuse yourself from the room. Unless you are completely fine witnessing someone drinking blood from another person, you may want to leave the room to avoid passing out or looking disgusted.

If blood drinking is the only aspect that turns you off about your vampire date, politely excuse yourself and wait in the other room until he or she finishes--then go back to your date. Watch and take notes.

Elijah Mikaelson

If you think blood drinking looks cool, ask your date if you can remain in the room and watch as he or she performs the ritual of cutting another person and then drinking blood. Be yourself and share your interests. Bring your personality and quirkiness to the table and introduce your date to activities that hold your interest. A true gage of whether your date could turn into a steady is how he or she reacts to learning more about what you like to do. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. The thought has crossed my mind as well maybe once or twice.

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But the prospect of getting in such close contact with somebody who could glamour you, overpower you without effort and suck the life out of you if he wanted to, is a bit scary. Diana warns us for the risk of over-swooning and explains the history of the red satin ribbon. On the official website of the book you can find more FAQ answered and you can even send in your own.

Curious as I am I wanted to know even more and who better to ask my questions to than Diana Laurence herself. Thank you Diana for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions. Getting interviewed here is as cool as having Sam make me a julep and sharing a table with Bill! Okay, I admit that would be cooler, but you get my point. I just found the mystery, danger and power of vampires very alluring, even as a teen. You have dated several vampires. For you personally what is the appeal of dating a vampire?

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But I think my personal 1 reason is this: Vampires Cannot Be Tamed. It seems counterintuitive, but something inside me responds to the fact that the will of a vampire trumps that of a mortal every time. Even the sweet-natured vampires of my acquaintance, even the ones that are very protective towards me, are still willful, wild and unpredictable at times.