They all seem to be takers not givers. They also tend to be very lazy when it comes to caring about another my friend. I would not even date him. That would be a huge red flag to me. Some might say that I should give him a chance and people change.

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I know my worth and would only be with a man who has divorced after a long amicable relationship. The man who left the system is not the same as the man who entered. Yes, as a 45 y. In fact, I much prefer the never married man after experiencing the heartbreak of dating the divorced man with grown children who had such an amicable relationship with his ex-wife that their feelings still remained for each other. But as the other answer suggests, our future actions are based in large part on our past experiences. My past experience of dating the divorced man with grown kids was trying.

Most of the men in the dating pool at my age and in my state are divorced with children. I would but with reservations. But never having married is troublesome.

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The one thing I would be highly fearful of is that the gentleman was too set in his ways and unyielding when it came to very simple and customary things, like visiting family and putting together a joint financial plan. Usually I have found that men over a certain age who neither marry nor have children are that way for a reason and have problems with attachment. Not saying this is always the case, but … just from my experience. Better to wait then be stuck in misery. Marriage is a choice not somthing you do out of expectation or just to appease someone.

Dear Lisa…He’s Never Been Married, Should I Date Him?

Many are happy single by choice. I can respect a man that takes his time to find the right fit for him. Many have rushed into marriage only to have regrets later. The divorce rate speaks volume. Do what makes you happy.

Dear Lisa…He’s Never Been Married, Should I Date Him?

Many marry for the wrong reasons. He validates and defines himself. Not everyone bases their worth off marriage.

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  • Love is not a deadline. You can marry at any age. As a man over fifty who has never been in a relationship I find this very interesting. Everyone whom I have ever been interested in has had nothing but a kind of disgusted pity when they look at me and those who have been interested in me have been utterly out of their minds. So instead of settling, I gave up. I am set in my ways and the thought of sharing my life with another person at this point utterly repels me.

    Avoid me like you would avoid a rabid dog. And the vicious circle continues. I feel the vibe everywhere, work, socially: Too set in my ways? Anything but a life of empty life of being a just a nice guy. Sometimes I feel like blowing my brains out. Ask New Question Sign In. Women are good for a few sex sessions before being thrown out of the door. I bet his life has been a roaring success, a bachelor life is the perfect life.

    No responsibilities like a dead end marriage and children. Originally Posted by christys. I did praise him. He seems to be debt free and not into expensive things. I told him I thought he was smart for never marrying, but he did not say he would not ever marry, so I guess he will someday I want to go see him, I think I will today. People don't lie to spare other people; people lie to spare themselves. Anybody who says, "it's not you, it's me" is beneath contempt. If youre only dating jerks, It's your people-picker that needs a tune-up.

    Originally Posted by alphamale. I'm kinda jealous of him for pulling this off. I'll probably succumb given the absence of any other major distractions or milestones in my life. I betcha he's better dressed and healthier than many of his married or divorced buddies.

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    • To be honest, I doubt he will ever settle down He's probably a hard core bachelor I can't blame him. If you fine with this.. George Clooney comes to mind.

      Will that guy ever settle down?? Originally Posted by pandagirl. He actually resembles George Clooney. He did tell me he works all the time, and the women that he has had in his life did not like that. Hde also said he wants to retire somewhere in his 50's. He is a self-employed contractor. He never found the one, smart man. That answer in itself would make him more desirable in my eyes because it means he wasn't and isn't willing to settle for just anyone to keep the other side of the bed warm at night.

      "There's Something Wrong with Never-Married Men in their 40's"

      Some people find love at 20 others at So I'd give him a chance. I only hear this kind of question from women, never from men.

      Finally, a Therapist's Red-Flag Guide of Single Men to Avoid | HuffPost Life

      I've even known several women who have insisted that any guy who isn't already in a relationship must have something terribly wrong with him and, consequently, can't be worth dating. Maybe he can't commit At least if things do work out, you've got the advantage that you probably won't get constantly compared to his ex. And just think of all the baggage from past marriages going sour that he won't have! Is there something wrong with him? Is he marriage material?

      Why would you want to stop by his house and talk to him? You had one session in the sack- not sure what there is to talk about. Show up at the bar again and see if he approaches you. Don't go seeking him out! There is nothing wrong with a guy that never wants to get involved in a serious relationship. But, a smart person that wants something serious won't pursue a guy with this kind of history.