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It's very annoying but they seem to have some reasoning behind it. Don't ask me what that reason is though.. Im Irish 4 Life Created on November 12, I recommend this discussion Im Irish 4 Life Replied on November 24, It's not just you my friend. No disclaimer that the game is broken. Plus I spent the money for Xbox Gold just go online to play this. I have a thread going btw, I am opening the can of worms to get a class action lawsuit going.

If you're interested, hit the thread up so I can keep track. Richmh75 Replied on November 26, I hope they fix the servers soon.

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Richmh75 Replied on November 27, Fresh Kills Replied on November 27, Unfortunately, it was a 4 on 2 lagfest. Anyone else also having issue of not being able to save loadout? And every change I make to my Spartan also doesn't save.

Troubleshoot Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer issues

I tried deleting everything and reinstalling, deleting cache. That may sound contradictory considering I'm still on a , but in my experience past performance IS an indicator of the future. Thanks for all the good times Halo Hey all, I'm in the same boat. Same issue for me.

Multiplayer-specific error messages

I seen one Forum post where a person from commented on and helped the community fix the Halo server issue a month or two back but this post hasn't gained traction, I'm not giving up because Halo MCC isn't to my liking just yet and honestly Halo 4 has the best community. But yes even if I try inviting people and do custom games it will drop me or multiple people and disconnect the people it dropped and prevent them from accessing the game without a game reset. Please will someone from look into this.

Halo Master Chief Collection's Issues Could Still Be Fixed - GS News Update

Halo 4 is probably on its deathbed because no one from seems to care. It's sad how Halo 4 servers are more messed up than Halo Reach servers. Get on Halo 5 everyone, cuz in a few years those servers are gunna be done for as well.

Loadouts are working fine for me now. I hope connection issues are fixed too didn't have time to test. But I had less problems with that. I'd be surprised to see any effort by to address this issue. They've created an alternative that now provides the same gameplay with a better experience, overall. It is clear they want players to upgrade their consoles and purchase MCC.

Halo 4 servers are down | Halo 4 | Forums | Halo - Official Site

H4 goes into matchmaking, acts as if trying to load players, then spontaneously just reports that it's lost the connection to Xbox Live, when the Xbox really hasn't. I just close out the game and launch again, most of the time it works the 2nd or 3rd time. And once it begins working, it usually works for a few games before crapping out again, but it's a hassle and waste of valuable gaming time to have to fool with.

Halo 4 is disconnecting me almost immediately, I have to not just log out and log back in to reconnect but restart the entire game, It'll start to search but it kicks me before the game even starts, even if I'm doing custom games and not use the servers but still online it'll kick me and others out.

Seriously please fix this!

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