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As I turned the pages of this book, I could no longer ignore the Truth, nor turn my back on the Way and the Life. Little by little, and inch by inch, I found my way back to Jesus Christ and returned to the Catholic Church. Confessions Of An Ex-Feminist. The Word of God is living.

When curiosity or even interest of non-believers leads to experimentation with prayer or reading the Bible the results can be shocking, as many converts attest. One former atheist who was profoundly affected by prayer and the Scriptures is author Devin Rose. If you are real, help me. I kept reading the Bible, asking my roommate questions about what I was reading, and praying.

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Then, slowly, and amazingly, my faith grew and it eventually threatened to whelm my many doubts and unbelief. Similarly, renowned sci-fi author John C. Nonetheless, as a scholar, I am forced to entertain the hypothetical possibility that I am mistaken.

The Seven Benefits of a Relationship Between an Atheist and a Believer

So just in case I am mistaken, please reveal yourself to me in some fashion that will prove your case. If you do not answer, I can safely assume that either you do not care whether I believe in you, or that you have no power to produce evidence to persuade me…If you do not exist, this prayer is merely words in the air, and I lose nothing but a bit of my dignity.

Thanking you in advance for your kind cooperation in this matter, John Wright. I was ambushed by the amount and quality of the evidence that Jesus is the unique Son of God… I shook my head in amazement. I had seen defendants carted off to the death chamber on much less convincing proof! Modern historical scholars like Craig Blomberg and N. Wright have advanced the area of historical theology and the study of the claims of the Gospels to exciting new heights.

The results of such ground-breaking studies are one of the greatest threats to modern day atheism. Thomas, and this was the case for me. He solved all the logical dilemmas. When I was an undergrad I came across the saying that learning a little philosophy leads you away from God, but learning a lot of philosophy leads you back.

As a young man who had learned a little philosophy, I scoffed. Most atheists believe that modern science has ruled out the possibility of the existence of God. To list just a few examples: Galileo and Kepler astronomy , Pascal hydrostatics , Boyle chemistry , Newton calculus , Linnaeus systematic biology , Faraday electromagnetics , Cuvier comparative anatomy , Kelvin thermodynamics , Lister antiseptic surgery , and Mendel genetics. An honest atheist might presume, upon encountering Christians for example who have reasonable explanations for their supernatural beliefs, that the existence of God is at least plausible.

Consider the notable conversion of former atheist blogger, Jennifer Fulwiler. But encountering intelligent believers in God was a key chink in her atheist armor. Leah recalls the challenging impact of reasonable Christians in her academic circle:. We covered a huge spread of topics so I got so see a lot of long and winding paths into the consequences of belief. Leah is now an active Catholic. Edith Stein would eventually convert to Catholicism and die a martyr. She is now known as St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. He debated William Lane Craig and others on the existence of God. Ben Wiker, Flew explains:.

One was my growing empathy with the insight of Einstein and other noted scientists that there had to be an Intelligence behind the integrated complexity of the physical Universe. He concluded that it was reasonable to believe that the organization of space, time, matter and energy throughout the universe is far from random. To live as a Christian is a call to be part of this new, radical, creation. I am not passively awaiting a place in the clouds.

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Just as radical, I realized, was the new creation which Christ began to initiate. I am redeemed by Christ, so now I have work to do.

This article is copyrighted to The Veritas Forum and may not be reposted without prior written consent from The Veritas Forum. Please contact content veritas. Can a scientist believe in the resurrection? These are qualities that I see expressed in individual Christians but not what I see espoused by Evangelical pastors; the Catholic clergy; particular congregations, large and small; and certainly not what finds expression in so-called religious freedom legislation in the USA, which subordinates the freedom and happiness of non-Christians in favor of discriminatory interpretations of scripture.

How does Christian love reconcile itself with politics and society that usurps that love to discriminate, humiliate, and ostracize? Is that a failure of the individual, or a failure of God? I am a gay man who met Jesus Christ when a girl prayed for me in a pub. I said the exact same things before I met Jesus for myself. Often we put up defence mechanisms like our sexuality to the love of God like I did. Awesome David…so glad to hear of a gay man coming to Christ.. You can view my story here: We neglected and alienated genuine seekers of Christ just because of their sexuality.

Jesus love you and not your sin. Bro David has given up his sexulaity because it was coming inbetween him and his sexuality. There can be nothing bigger than God else we fail. We as humans fail in many ways but we keep looking at God whenever we fail and try to be genuine to God by not falling. I suggest you visit https: Jesus specifically came and died as an answer to our sin, and to redeem us from it if we should so choose… not to enable us to persist in it. But as David rightly says once we have experienced His love, what more is there?

It is His incredible unstoppable love that brings us to repentance. If I did then I apologise. He is the right person to clarify your queries.

Yes, when we accept Christ we give up on our old self including our sins and worldly desires and become his sons and daughters, and follow Him. He tells us to love and pray for our enemies, the ones that betray us, jail us, and bomb us.

Why Atheists Change Their Mind: 8 Common Factors | Word on Fire

How can he do that? He can He expect that of anyone? Only because He puts His heart into us that we are able. He call us to Him and accepts us as we come to Him, broken and diseased, and loves us so much that he refuses to leave us in a pathetic bound state, but gives us new life and purpose in Him. What can resist that love? Why do any of us resists that love? But he promises us if we seek Him we shall find Him, and that perfect yet relentless love.

How Oxford and Peter Singer drove me from atheism to Jesus

Are you aware, that if your god designed the system from which sin originates, then your god is ultimately responsible for the sin? Thus God is responsible for the existence of sin only to the extent that He allows us to choose between sinfulness and righteousness as an essential prerequisite for our intellectual freedom. If he really is responsible for designing the system that produces sin, then he is fully responsible for the outcomes his system produces. There is no wiggle room. Also, the Bible is replete with examples of god breaching free will.

No to mention, Christians make tons of intercessory prayers many of which conflict with the free will of others.

However, that is for another discussion. As to your Question, it would be more ethical to not design a system that produces undesirable results and then blame part of the system for the bad results. I am not saying here that I believe there is actually a god and that he designed a bad system.

But if there is a god, and he designed the system, I would say he has some explaining to do. This topic is actually an offshoot from my original question that I posed, and which has as of yet gone unanswered by anyone responding on the thread. If you could stop a child from being raped with absolutely no danger to yourself or anyone else, would you do it?

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Would it be immoral to not stop it, or moral? If you think it is moral, I would love to hear how you justify such a position. If you think it is immoral, then you and I agree, but your god has some explaining to do, because that is exactly what he does. The rape was allowed. And per Christian doctrine, he can be forgiven anyway, so punishment is far from certain. If one believes that even the best of good long lives usually ends in sickness and death followed by nothing whatsoever, then ethically and morally it would be better to not have created us at all.

Moment by moment, sometimes pleasant and sometimes painful, our thoughts and actions move us in one of two directions, either toward God, or away from Him.

Should A Christian Date A Non-Christian? - Jefferson & Alyssa Bethke

It is the direction of our thoughts and actions, not our momentary pain or pleasure, which determines whether anything is evil or good, sinful or righteous. Now, to your question. The mere thought of such a thing cannot fail to draw emotions into this, and emotions can be so easily manipulated without regard to truth. Knowing what lies ahead for her, the months and possibly years of awful pain, would I intervene stop it? But this leads to other questions. On the contrary, I would allow it because I know the process will result in something good enough to make the suffering worthwhile.

But will the child, knowing I could stop it, assume it means I hate her or do not care about her?