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In class, in the lab, at seminar, at journal club. You should ask yourself: First things first—talk to your crush! Save that ish for later! Well, Mahnanymous, I hope this helped!


Good luck talking to Crushy McCuteface, and best of luck in your grad program! Got a question that needs answering? Send it to us! Your email address will not be published. The dating app may allow you to hide your age, although some, like Tinder, will make you pay for it the most basic service is free. You may also consider changing your name on Facebook, perhaps to a nickname or a middle name, to make it harder to find you.

Consider using a Google voice number when giving a phone number to a potential date, Camille says. This is especially savvy if the area code of your cell phone is different from where you live now: Giving your potential match this area code may allow them to find where you went to high school, news from your hometown, and the like.

I almost said no initially because I was worried about the awkwardness if we broke up. We studied the same subject so we had classes together pretty much every semester.

He quit the Ph. My brother who has a PhD in Economics met his now wife in the same program.

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Married for 7 years, have 2 kids now. Here is a different perspective, maybe. I was friends with a couple that dated in grad school and "successfully broke up". Nobody knew they started dating at first, nor that they had broken up several years later.

Negotiating the Dating Scene in Grad School

While dating, they acted only as friends while in lab. During and after the break up, they were civil with one another, discussed things as adults should, and put the needs of the lab and their friends ahead of their own. If you're going to "shit where you eat", you better be prepared to prevent cross contamination with otherwise proper hygiene. Keep in mind, most people aren't this mature while in grad school. No breakup is worth the emotional turmoil during one of the most stressful times of your life.

There goes your future plans of getting a PhD.


I see what you're saying, but I sincerely like this person and want to see if it works out for the long-term. My academic advisor thought I might be dating in the dept. I still have no idea why. I said I wasn't dating in Dept, he said it wasn't about that.

Anyways, most awkward conversation I've ever had with him, and I haven't spoken to him alone since then. I haven't found anyone else in the Dept who has been similarly carpeted. You broke up your academic relationship with your advisor right after he asked you about your romantic life? My university has an academic advisor that oversees the coursework requirements for all the grad students in the Dept.

My grades weren't great, and I did get failing exam grades a few times, but advisors never asked if it was for personal reasons even though sometimes it was One of my closest friends in my program dated another guy in the same program. It was cool seeing them graduate at the same time and be able to provide support while going through the same things at the same time.

Dating In Graduate School | Everyone Is Gay

I started dating a first year student in my PhD program when I was in my second year. We just got married a month and a half ago. My stepsister also met her husband in grad school.

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I don't see any problem with it in general, tons of people meet each other at work and this is essentially the same thing. Hell it beats going on OKcupid dates.

How to maintain privacy while online dating

I would be worried about dating somebody you work more closely with, say somebody in your lab, in case things go south. Agreed, would never date anyone in lab for a million years, no matter how hot they were. Maybe only after graduating said lab: Let's put aside the immediate consequences of the relationship not working out.