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If clergy socialize more with religiously adherent congregants, clergy would be expected to over-estimate the number of religiously adherent churches, such as this one, and to under-estimate the number of churches with high prevalences of premarital sex, such as the other eight surveyed churches. The nearly universal premarital sex among women who married at ages 16—20 could be explained by some of these marriages being due to premarital pregnancy. Women and men who married after ages 24 and 26, respectively, could have started out less adherent to religious norms, and were thus more likely to have premarital sex and marry later, or they could have become less adherent as they stayed single longer.

Event order cannot be discerned by cross-sectional data, but if respondents who married later had started out less adherent, we would expect that premarital sex before age 21 would be more common in respondents who married later than respondents who married earlier. Women have traditionally been portrayed as sexual gatekeepers Reiss , but among respondents in this sample who abstained until age 21, women left abstinence at younger ages and at greater rates than men did.

Substitution of oral for vaginal sex was evident in only two groups of respondents. Frequent childhood church attenders and respondents who married at ages 21—24 were less likely to have vaginal sex but not less likely to have oral sex. Age of marriage was a stronger predictor of substitution than childhood church attendance. Lindberg and colleagues found that successful substitution occurs only with initial sexual partners Lindberg et al. Respondents who married earlier had fewer past sexual partners, whereas respondents who married later had more time to accumulate additional sexual partners and stop substituting oral for vaginal sex.

Sexually transmitted infections STIs are a crucial sex education topic, but most respondents School was the only adult source of information about STIs for Peers were the most commonly cited source of information about vaginal There is reason to doubt that peers provide accurate information.

The three adult sources of sex education—school, family, and church—need to supplement information that adolescents receive from peers. There was a positive correlation between church, home, and school sex education, which may imply that school, home, and church sex education are complements rather than substitutes. School, home, and church sex education seem to teach distinct sex education topics. For many factual areas, either peers or school were the most common source of information.

Conservative religious organizations oppose secular school sex education out of concern that students will not learn sexual morality, but the secular sex education system may be self-perpetuating among laiety, with those who received the most extensive school sex education most likely to support it. Previous studies of young adult on religiosity and sexual behavior relied on self-reported religiosity and church attendance, which seem to be over-reported by a factor of two Hadaway et al. Church attendance overreport would be expected to bias upward estimates of premarital sex prevalence and bias toward the null associations between religiosity and sexual behavior.

This data was collected in church Sunday School, so respondents were verified not only to attend church worship services but also supplementary Sunday School classes.

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Respondents may not report non-normative behavior accurately on surveys Rosenbaum , but in this survey, all respondents had discontinued their antinormative premarital sex when they married, and may have thus reported premarital sexual histories accurately. This survey asked respondents whether they had premarital sex instead of relying on accurate recall of dates of first sex and first marriage, which have substantial measurement error McFarlane and St. Lawrence ; Capaldi ; Newcomer and Udry ; Alexander et al. The proportion of premarital vaginal sex These respondents likely attended church more frequently than the Add Health subsample, and also took extra Sunday School lessons, so the lower proportion of premarital sex need not imply under-reporting of premarital sex.

Most respondents were sexually active before marriage in spite of attending church and Sunday School and affirming the religious norm against premarital sex.

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Abstinence was common in only one of 9 surveyed churches and among those who married at ages 21—24, and the latter group seemed to substitute oral for vaginal sex. Premarital sex was nearly universal among women who married after age 24 and before age 21, and common among men who married after age As in national surveys Eisenberg et al. Respondents with the most experience with school sex education were the most likely to support sex education, but respondents who had premarital sex were not more likely to support school sex education.

Efforts to increase support for secular sex education may benefit from the involvement of religiously adherent evangelicals who had good experiences with their own secular sex education. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U.

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Author manuscript; available in PMC Mar 1. Rosenbaum and Byron Weathersbee. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at J Relig Health. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Abstract This study measures premarital sex prevalence, sources of sex education, and support for secular sex education among newly married young adults surveyed at 9 Texas Southern Baptist churches. Background Conservative religious groups present abstinence until marriage as a religious ideal.

Methods Data A self-administered written survey was administered in October and November to participants married less than 5 years attending 9 geographically diverse Southern Baptist churches in Texas. Open in a separate window. Analysis Data were cleaned and analyzed in Stata and R. Results Premarital Sexual Activity In this sample, Sources of Sex Education Most Validation In the Add Health comparison sample, the survey-weighted prevalences of premarital vaginal sex was Substitution of Oral Sex for Vaginal Sex Substitution of oral for vaginal sex was evident in only two groups of respondents.

Strengths and Limitations Previous studies of young adult on religiosity and sexual behavior relied on self-reported religiosity and church attendance, which seem to be over-reported by a factor of two Hadaway et al. Conclusions Most respondents were sexually active before marriage in spite of attending church and Sunday School and affirming the religious norm against premarital sex.

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Journal of Religion and Health. Adolescent religiosity and sexuality: An investigation of reciprocal influences. Maternal correlates of adolescent sexual and contraceptive behavior.

New directions for child and adolescent development. Interventions designed to promote parent-teen communication about sexuality; pp. A longitudinal study of adolescent transition from virgin to nonvirgin status. A survival analysis of virginity among youths aged 13 to 18 years. Helping mothers discuss sexuality and AIDS with adolescents. She's very morally sound and awesome to hang out with and my friends all love her.

I haven't dated many religious people, but I find the dynamics weren't great because I would not only have problems on religion itself, religion is also governs peoples interpersonal relationships.

The good thing is that she doesn't push her beliefs onto me. She goes to church and helps with the sunday school kids and all that, and that's the end of it as far as it concerns me at the moment. I think it depends how militant you both are about your respective beliefs.

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I know some atheists who always seem to be looking for an opportunity to 'shoot a believer down' and I know people if faith who seem to be always looking for someone to convert. Those kinds of people will only ever butt heads on these issues. I also know some quality religious people and atheists who hold a similar view to me For what its worth my mother in law was a devout Christian but her husband and children all atheists. They had 35 peaceful, happy years if marriage until cancer took her from us in Her religion was never a problem for them because they both just respected each other's beliefs.

That pretty accurately describes us at the moment, but I don't know if it's just that "new relationship" smell or not. I guess I just need to keep on with what im doing and have a continuous, open discussion going.

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I think that's wise. Put it to one side and get to know each other before you have these big discussions.