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Wow, it's been awhile since I've cringed as hard I just did. My hand literally did not leave my face from the start of the prank to about two and a half minutes in. Wow, these two guys may be the pettiest, saddest losers of all time.

Do you believe that the male in the relationship has to be the one to make a move first?

The entire channel is just a goldmine of cringe. This one's just as bad: Pila Member Aug 31, Jan 10, 1, 0 0. Good thing I live in Italy, plenty of small girls. Dating sites can be rough, maybe it's not the best option for your pal. You say he's attractive, he could perform better in a face-to-face scenario. Dazzler Member Aug 31, Feb 25, 4, 0 0.

I'm 5'6 and I do pretty ok on dating sites I only message women who are shorter than me, tho. I try to write well thought out, interesting messages. Obviously I get lots of non-responses, but this happens for most guys so I don't get too miffed about it When it comes to Tinder, I'll always ask their height before meeting up and also explain my height so there are no surprises for them. When it comes to Tinder, I'll always ask their height before meeting up and also explain my height so there are no surprises for them. Jun 1, 2, 0 0. Yeah as someone who is 5'4 i have had girls tell me I am too short for their liking and have been asked on occasion about my height.

I typically date girls that are about my height though. I feel like on match. I am actually talking to 3 girls.

Neither has really asked or cared about my height. The girl from eharmony is actually 4'8 and she is rather sweet and a nurse. You really just have got to keep trying and message the right people.

Should short guys just give up?

Last night my friend a girl and i were talking about online dating and she even admitted girls are very hard to reply to messages. Nov 1, 3, 0 0 Because I pretty much never see couples with such a staggering height difference. Gotdatmoney Member Aug 31, May 5, 9, 0 0. If society didnt have the pressures of men being macho, tough defender providers height would matter so much less. This height thing is not a preference built out of thin air. Its been ingrained into society and its unfair. This weekend I had a girl tell me she likes tall guys.

Literally used the "what do you call guys under 6 feet?

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Always assumed it was an imaginary but apparently not. I won the height lottery per say 6' 5" but its a rarher shitty thing to be proud of in terms of a capacity to attract people. You just get lucky. No need to bask in your own greatness.

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Bleepey Member Aug 31, Dec 21, 13, 2 You're a curious one aren't you. Many are also not attracted to taller women or are flatout intimidated by them. Its definetly not just fear of rejection. RibMan Member Aug 31, Aug 29, 2, 0 0. Most women I talk to insist on 6'0" at minimum.

If they meet the person naturally out in the wild they are okay with shorter as long as the are obviously taller than them, but online, they want 6 foot. Sep 27, 2, 0 0. Which is silly because would a woman rather have a lanky stringbean of a guy at 6'1 or someone who is well put together at 5'6?

What is it about a short man that women find so disgusting?

I'd put my money on the guy built like a brick house versus a walking scarecrow. Two Words Member Aug 31, May 8, 17, 0 I love the use of "may" and "nearly half of women" used many times in these studies. It's quite obvious there's a lot of people in this thread who have become bitter because of this situation. Understand that you're shorter and move on. This won't end your dating life. SmackDaddy Member Aug 31, Aug 21, 1, 0 0. Height dont matter when youre doin the horizontal tango! Haw shaw haw shah heh ahaww.

SapientWolf Trucker Sexologist Aug 31, Jul 4, 35, 0 0. Jun 2, 7, 0 0. Shallow people are shallow. Also rotflmao at people trying to find love with dating apps.

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Feb 21, 46, 0 0 Texas. Jul 3, 31, 1 0. Feb 19, 10, 0 0 Richmond, VA. What's the best way to find love? Every female on my mixed doubles tennis team is engaged or married Let love come to you naturally? Yeah good luck with that unless you're tall and rich the girls wont flock to you. Men must be proactive. Hollywood Duo Member Aug 31, Liu Kang Baking A Pie said: Are you from ? Whatever, a bunch of shallow bitches , I'm glad I can avoid this kind of idiots by being "only average" high.

Feb 25, 4, 0 San Francisco, CA. MaschinenZimmer Banned Aug 31, Apr 18, 1, 0 0. Skeyser Member Aug 31, Jul 18, 4, 0 0 Montreal. As if guys don't have a bunch of physical deal breakers when they look at women. Jan 11, 8, 0 0. It's funny how many dudes don't even know that shit like this is an immediate deal breaker for almost all women.

You make your feelings on women pretty clear without even trying. So many damn online profiles by dudes that are just like "I don't like women who are like this" or "most people I've met so far are crazy bitches, I hope you're not! Oersted Member Aug 31, Mar 14, 32, 1 0. A lot of tall girls list stuff like "if you aren't 6foot I won't reply" and with that guys may just close the tab, that said the shortest girls do the same. I have seen women profile with largely the same shit as well and that's an instant turn off got me.

Jun 13, 1, 0 1, People can be shitty when it comes to dating in general. I met a guy online and we dated on and off for about a month, and i thought it was promising, but then he told me i would be the perfect girlfriend if i were younger i was 7 years older than him. I guess it's good he showed his true colors relatively early on.

I don't lie about my age because if people don't like me for who i am they can go eff themselves. So many damn online profiles by dudes that are just like "I don't like women who are like this" or "everyone I've met so far is a crazy bitch, I hope you're not! UnforgivenTwin Member Aug 31, Because, unlike you apparently, I realize that no viewpoint in the world is unanimously held by an entire gender. What a fucking moron you are. Of course all women think that. The fact you try to deny it makes you and even larger nit-wit Just like guys, women often say they only date a guy with X or Y height or weight, but when it comes down to it, emotional connection is much more important than numbers.

So don't worry about your height. Of course, taller women are going to tend to stay aloof.. Even most of those who say they won't look at a guy under 6'1". Ahemn, I'm over 30, I've been around. I know a lot of girls married to guys shorter than they are. If women really did what you say, short guys would practically die out, and the human population would significantly decline. I'm not saying your height isn't a disadvantage, but it isn't something you should "give up" over.

I'm sure, I may be 6ft, but I'm also kind of socially awkward. I'm mildly below average looking.